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pastor, author, and God knows what else

Meet Nancy

Nancy is an ordained pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. She serves at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, a progressive congregation in the city with the mission of “Loving Not Judging.”  In 2014, she was a plaintiff in the legal case that brought marriage equality to same-sex couples in North Carolina. That same year she was honored by Charlotte Pride as their Outstanding Ally.

Nancy grew up in Hamilton, Ohio, and then served time at Bowling Green State University, before moving on to Trinity Seminary in Columbus. Since being ordained in 1979, she hasn’t been able to hold down a church job very well and is now serving in her 6th call. Starting out in North Dakota, she then returned to Ohio and served a couple of churches there. In between, she was on the bishop’s staff, where she learned more about her denomination than she needed to know. She also earned a PhD from Pitt during her spare time in the area of religion and education. She considers herself an educator who happens to be a pastor and it makes a difference in how she does ministry. Although Nancy was buckeye born and buckeye bred, when she dies she has no intention of being buckeye dead. She moved to North Carolina in 1998 and has made it her home, serving now at her second church in Charlotte.

She is a divorce survivor and the mother of two artsy-fartsy children, who abandoned her when they became adults. Now Nancy shares her home with her pug, Pooky, and Father Guido Sarducci, a tuxedo cat who clearly runs the place.

Read more from Nancy at her blog: Inside Nancy’s Noodle.


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